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Getting Research: The Facts

by Elizabeth Anderson I have heard many misconceptions about research/independent studies from fellow classmates and I thought I’d try to clear some of the major ones up. First, though, I’d like to start off with some reasons as to why you might want to do research, as well as how you might go about finding… Keep Reading


Of Lesbians and Prostitutes

Of Lesbians and Prostitutes by Patricia Di Pietro Before we start let’s get all the misconceptions that I, personally, had about Les Liaisons Dangereuses out of the way. This is not a play about lesbians. This is not a play about prostitutes. Therefore, this is not a play about lesbian prostitutes. But it is still… Keep Reading


The RPI Photo Contest!

by Bobby Ferris Hey Everyone! Welcome to the spring semester of 2011! We here at S&W have just recently changed up the Editors with the new year. Check out the updated staff page to see who they are! So our next issue is the first of the year, and as always our annual color issue.… Keep Reading

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