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by Elizabeth Anderson As a senior, I sometimes look back with nostalgia on my earlier years at RPI.  So much has changed: people, living arrangements, clubs, faculty and staff, and the student body.  Lest this sound like some sort of boring article about the old days and how awesome they were, let me assure you… Keep Reading


The Magic of the Mailing Lists

Here at S&W, we have lots of mailing lists.  Some of them are so serious, you’d better be wearing a suit and tie when you read e-mails from them.  Other mailing lists are better for other things… Did your new recipe idea in Polytech blow up in smoke?  Or, maybe you got drunk and ran… Keep Reading


McKinney 2013: First Prize Undergraduate Poetry

The Sunrise Ruby Hadiyah Audil   A Polished Wall I once read a story of two imprisoned poets Commissioned by the king to paint a hall. “Paint well to please the gods,” he told them, “And paint better than the other to free yourself.” He strung a velvet curtain between them And gave them paints… Keep Reading


McKinney 2013: Co-Second Prize Undergraduate Poetry

What Lester Said (collection of 6 poems) Amanda Levine   Fly Creek   One of those things you should know: What is the name of the creek? A question for the unwary.   We would sometimes miss the turn, The rolling black picket fence, One of those things you should know.   Where is cider… Keep Reading


Reefer Madness: Weed for Dummies, Part 1

At S&W, we know that the presence of drugs in society is undeniable and forceful, presenting students with the pressure to experiment and continue running trials to produce more accurate results “for science”. To educate and inform those readers who may find themselves face-to-face with it, we’ve launched into an investigative report on the details of… Keep Reading


McKinney 2013: First Prize Undergraduate Essay

Redefining Strength Gibran Liezer Esquenazi The shower was teeming with hair. The hair had spread along the walls and had clogged the drain like a miniature beaver dam. My Father had relapsed and the hair loss was just one of the side effects induced by the Chemo to treat his Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It may seem… Keep Reading


McKinney 2013: Second Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

by Katherine Mezic October Chills             Missus Williams boarded the 8:15 train as she has done every morning for the past thirty years. She always took the Chicago ‘L’ to get to her secretarial job by nine. There was nothing special about today; it was slightly overcast and maybe a little too brisk for late… Keep Reading


McKinney 2013: First Prize Graduate Poetry

by Jonah Duch The Old Man Like a professor whose skin remembers more of the world than he does Whose hair is world worried Eyebrows spiraling towards each other Traversing the globe of his head His hair sparse and white enough to program flux capacitors A merry-go-round of a tie A green jacket Arms like… Keep Reading


On Writing and Rivalry

“You should join The Poly,” my friend’s friend tells me at my first RPI hockey game.  RPI won, 5-2 over Harvard. “Haha, I’m an Archie,” I tell him.  “I don’t have time.” I had just written two Sustainability articles for The Poly during winter break.   I was incredibly excited to see my name in print… Keep Reading


Finnbar’s Pub

by Molly Kogan After stuffing an entire fried mashed potato ball into my mouth at the Off-Campus Student Fair, curiosity about Finnbar’s Pub filled my head. I took a walk down the Approach to interview the owner of Finnbar’s Pub, Sean Costello. Finnbar’s Pub opened this summer on July 27th. Although the pub is located… Keep Reading


X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery

by Elizabeth Anderson At the corner of 4th Street and State Street in downtown Troy is a small bakery known as X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery. Enter the door and the workers will smile with a greeting. Cakes and other treats adorn the counter, and next to it stands a bakery display full of cookies,… Keep Reading


Why I Should not be a T.A.

By Cassondra Brayfield I had the honor and privilege to obtain a T.A. job for the class Engineering Processes. They had been looking for someone to take the job and the only requirement is that you have taken the class before. Since my mom had been on my case about making some money I said,… Keep Reading


Issue 12.1

Issue Date: 5/06/2013 Culture Gender-Neutral Housing: An Interview with Jonathan Karsh ’16 Hardcore Parkour Ola Dubh Special Reserve 18 – Harviestoun Brewery X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery Finnbar’s Pub Humor The 5 Most Irresponsible Uses of Radiation in History Why I Should not be a T.A. Pros and Cons of a Single Apartment Editorial &… Keep Reading


Of Psych Wards and Sororities

by Anonymous I woke up confused, angry, and with a desire to take the biggest shit of my life in the hospital. For the record, that shit came out black from the charcoal they made me chug earlier that morning. I was confused as to where I was and, more specifically, why my sweatpants didn’t… Keep Reading


Letter to a Former Self

by Zachary Fishman Dear me from the past, or to whomever might now be filling those shoes, Just wanted to say hi. Hi! Oh, and since you’re probably a ball of hopeless stress right about now, allow me to share three pieces of advice that you might find helpful: 1. Don’t Panic. Senior year at… Keep Reading

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