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FBI Believes Terrorist Organizations May Use Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones as Mail-Based Weapons

By Parth Bhide The story of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 turned dark today. A statement released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations warned Americans to be increasingly cautious of any packages they receive by mail or courier. According to the statement released on their website and on Twitter this morning, the FBI believes that several shipments… Keep Reading

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US Populace Elects “Twitch Plays President”

by Peter Wood In a landslide decision, the United States populace voted yesterday to elect neither The Generic Corrupt Politician Who Happens to Be Female nor The Incarnate Racist Joke but instead the userbase of popular game streaming site Commentators called this alternative paradigm “less out-of-touch with millennial voters” than Clinton and “less chaotic”… Keep Reading

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Interview with Jonathan Karsh ’16

SW: You will be living in gender-neutral housing next year as part of the first year that RPI is offering it. Why were you interested in gender-neutral housing? JK: The main reason I’m interested in gender-neutral housing is because I wanted to have a chance to live with a group of people I knew I… Keep Reading

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