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McKinney 2012 Winners

Fiction/Drama (Graduate)

Supernothing by Nicole Zumpano Centereach is located, exactly as it claims, smack dab in the center of Long Island.  Drive twenty minutes in one direction and you’re at the North Shore, twenty minutes in the other and you’ve reached the South.  Walk twenty minutes in any direction, and you’re going to get sloshed. Try as… Keep Reading

Essay (Undergraduate)

Fundamentalism Re-Emerges Into the American Public Sphere by Ashley Lewis According to Susan Harding, fundamentalism has continually been stigmatized throughout the media as this “cultural ‘other’” separate from our own modern world (Harding 374).  The modernist narrative uses key terms and phrases such as bigoted, racist, militant, and “unfit for modern life” to vividly depict… Keep Reading

Poetry (Undergraduate)

Poetry 2nd Place: The Artist and His Admirer (a suite of three poems by the same name) By Ainsley Pinkowitz   1. The Artist and His Admirer Allow me to paint a picture of you, my sweet, Your burning sapphire eyes give you away with the swirl of my brush, The wood of nature moved… Keep Reading

Poetry (Graduate)

Poetry (Graduate) An American Summer by Simon Ellis 1.         Ext. Establishing shot   Endless city by the endless ocean pacific you roll on   neighbourhoods breaking against the freeways   green sea-spume road signs washing over the shore   sunset undertow dragging me out unresisting   to yield myself to the warmth of your inimitable… Keep Reading

Fiction/Drama (Graduate)

All God’s Children by Michael Rancourt The door made a hollow sound in the empty apartment as Merry closed it behind her, cutting off her view of boxes and tea-chests stacked in a room with bare walls where once curtains and pictures had hung. With an easy grace and a soft rustle she slipped off… Keep Reading

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