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Pros and Cons of a Single Apartment

Pros: You can keep your place as clean (or messy) as you want it to be. You didn’t do the dishes yesterday. Or the day before. Or even the day before that. Who’s going to complain to you? Nobody. And you don’t have to complain to your nonexistent roommate either, because he certainly didn’t leave… Keep Reading


Why I Should not be a T.A.

By Cassondra Brayfield I had the honor and privilege to obtain a T.A. job for the class Engineering Processes. They had been looking for someone to take the job and the only requirement is that you have taken the class before. Since my mom had been on my case about making some money I said,… Keep Reading


The 5 Most Irresponsible Uses of Radiation in History

5. The Revigator The 20s were a simpler time. Prohibition had finally done away with alcohol forever and Americans needed something else to slowly destroy them from the inside out. Fortunately, through one man’s vision and a profound misunderstanding of science, the Revigator was created. Essentially a water bubbler lined with uranium ore, this device… Keep Reading

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