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Talk Whirly To Me: A Fan Fanfic

Japanese Folding Fan – Honestly, there’s nothing sexier than a hand-held fan of Asian descent. This foxy minx likes to start things off with a bit of slow, rhythmic breezing… Keep Reading


Earth – An Honest Review

By Thomas Lloyd I’ve been on Earth for 21 years. 21 years on this planet (from birth) makes me, unfortunately, a young adult. However, me and my peers are essentially… Keep Reading


This Year’s Famous Freshmen

Every year, the YikYaks get flooded with posts about a few incoming freshmen that stand out. Whether it’s a funky hat they always wear, the way their hair is made… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings 2: Electric What Dude?

As part of S&W’s ongoing unveiling of truth and poetry in pop songs, we present the second mind-rattling meaning to the ‘happiest’ song of last year… Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY… Keep Reading


R&E Releases New Campaign Rules

As a result of the recent scandal involving members of the “A Stronger Union” party, the Rules and Elections Committee has decided to create a series of stricter rules to… Keep Reading


Farewell, GM Keraga

You know Kyle Keraga ’15 as RPI’s 149th Grand Marshal. He was Student Life Committee Chair for two years and has worked hard to promote student rights and the student… Keep Reading


Predictive Journalism

By Mike Dame, Swype  Editor’s note: Writhing in the throes of creative writer’s block and with the deadline rapidly approaching, I decided to turn to technology to write this article… Keep Reading

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