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Known to cause cancer in the state of California

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Why Our Money Is Dumb

By Somebody With Too Much I’ve always hated money. Too many people have too much, and too many people don’t have enough. In a perfect world, the very concept would… Keep Reading


Talk Whirly To Me: A Fan Fanfic

Japanese Folding Fan – Honestly, there’s nothing sexier than a hand-held fan of Asian descent. This foxy minx likes to start things off with a bit of slow, rhythmic breezing… Keep Reading


Earth – An Honest Review

By Thomas Lloyd I’ve been on Earth for 21 years. 21 years on this planet (from birth) makes me, unfortunately, a young adult. However, me and my peers are essentially… Keep Reading


This Year’s Famous Freshmen

Every year, the YikYaks get flooded with posts about a few incoming freshmen that stand out. Whether it’s a funky hat they always wear, the way their hair is made… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings 2: Electric What Dude?

As part of S&W’s ongoing unveiling of truth and poetry in pop songs, we present the second mind-rattling meaning to the ‘happiest’ song of last year… Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY… Keep Reading

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