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Turn Down for What? A Philosophical Inquiry

By Tom Lloyd, UAlbany The phrases turn up, turnin’ up, and even turnip are entrenched in the vocabulary of college students all across America. These terms render up images of fun, sometimes celebratory, and often illegal, activities. Turning up has become one of the youth’s favorite pastimes; it’s actually been nationally ranked second for favorite… Keep Reading


Hardcore Parkour

 by Cassondra Brayfield Have you ever walked to class and noticed a gathering of barefoot people hopping around on the stones next to the JEC? Or were you heading down to Blitman only to be surprised by an assembly of young men dashing up the approach on all fours, like a horde of crazy jungle… Keep Reading


Finnbar’s Pub

by Molly Kogan After stuffing an entire fried mashed potato ball into my mouth at the Off-Campus Student Fair, curiosity about Finnbar’s Pub filled my head. I took a walk down the Approach to interview the owner of Finnbar’s Pub, Sean Costello. Finnbar’s Pub opened this summer on July 27th. Although the pub is located… Keep Reading


X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery

by Elizabeth Anderson At the corner of 4th Street and State Street in downtown Troy is a small bakery known as X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery. Enter the door and the workers will smile with a greeting. Cakes and other treats adorn the counter, and next to it stands a bakery display full of cookies,… Keep Reading


Ola Dubh Special Reserve 18 – Harviestoun Brewery

Beer Review by Harrison Dean $13.49/bottle It’s staring at me. Pitch black, like oil sludge. I present to you Ola Dubh Special Reserve 18. This is easily one of the most massive beers I’ve reviewed. Harviestoun takes an old ale with big chocolate and malt notes, and then ages it in oak casks that were… Keep Reading

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