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The Mystery of Edward Droof: A Postmortem

by Kristan Tate and Alex Zylka [Editor’s Note: We know, we know, but we’re not posting this review late just because we’re lazy slobs; we’re also doing it in a vain attempt to sate our pun-addiction.] We knew this play would be different because petitioners garnering for accusations of murder greeted us with British accents… Keep Reading


An S&W Playhouse Review: Play On! A Murder Most Foul?

by Noah Tebben Instead of indulging my habit to meander slowly into the big question about how the Players’ upcoming show holds up from my sneak preview, I have to bluntly say: the Players have never so thoroughly screwed up a play. They forgot their places, their set was practically designed to malfunction, the crew… Keep Reading

Culture/Editorial & Opinion

You Never Get Sad in Spanish Rain

by Noah Tebben This article is a continuation of the experiences I, your humble writer/travel correspondent, had while abroad in my Spring 2016 semester. Now, I was *supposed* to be studying away in France, but as any study-abroad advocate will tell you, it’s really about dat travel travel travel (I went to all of my… Keep Reading


Comedy Creates Conversation Among the Audience

by Kristan Tate The third season of comedian Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy, ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ was wrought with much controversy. Not only did Chappelle, also the host of the show, leave during its filming for reasons still speculated on today, but the racial content of some of the sketches shown were arguably of a certain degree… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings Six: This Series Has Met The Sticks

Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”: First Encounter While “Shake it Off” had lyrics so bad they hurt my brain, and “Let it Go” was certainly the worst song of the bunch, Kanye, as always, has produced the scariest media possible. At first glance, it might seem this song is about Kanye coming to terms with the… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings 4: Taylor Swift, No More

Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”: A Stripper’s Denial Warning: Because Taylor is one of the dumbest people alive, I could only analyze this sad excuse for art for so long, as it hurt my brain to think about. So if you find my commentary lacking, please email all complaints to Now, it may not… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings 3: Stay With Me

This week on Cerebral Pantsings: Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”: His Wooden Prostitute One of the harder lyrical beasts to accurately decipher, Sam Smith’s “Stay” threw me curve for curve for hours to the point where the only way I could glean its meaning was to employ some high level cryptanalysis, the methods of which… Keep Reading


Cerebral Pantsings: Song Meanings

We’ve all been there – you have an English paper due in the morning, and it’s so late that even God has gone to sleep, so you put on some music to help your brain stay awake. But in the middle of your typing, you start to listen more to the song than to the… Keep Reading


[Full] Interview with Charles Carletta, Sr.

In our most recent issue, we sat down with Charles Carletta, Sr., Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel, a member of Dr. Jackson’s Cabinet. Unfortunately we couldn’t print the full interview, but here it is in its entirety. Enjoy. Statler & Waldorf: Your position at RPI is Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel. Could… Keep Reading


The RPI Players Present: Dracula!

Our Review By Noah Tebben   Walking into the RPI playhouse earlier this week, without a clue of what exactly to expect of Bram Stoker’s gothic work of genius, I instantly got a dark, bloody, and friendly taste of what would be a delightful evening. Frantic tech crew members were sprawled on the floor, trying… Keep Reading


Madame Tomorrow on: Drugs!

Dear Madame Tomorrow, I am doing undergrad research on campus this semester and so I am constantly reporting to a grad student. Incidentally, this grad student has almost the same name as my super shady drug dealer. Like it’s off by one letter!  I have almost texted my grad student by accident asking for prices.… Keep Reading


Madame Tomorrow on: Smelly Roommates

Dear Madame Tomorrow, My roommate is a pretty cool guy, but he has a fatal flaw. He like never showers. I like him as a person, but I can’t stand this stench in my room. I have tried to hint at the problem, but he doesn’t seem to notice his own stink. How do I… Keep Reading


Turn Down for What? A Philosophical Inquiry

By Tom Lloyd, UAlbany The phrases turn up, turnin’ up, and even turnip are entrenched in the vocabulary of college students all across America. These terms render up images of fun, sometimes celebratory, and often illegal, activities. Turning up has become one of the youth’s favorite pastimes; it’s actually been nationally ranked second for favorite… Keep Reading


Hardcore Parkour

 by Cassondra Brayfield Have you ever walked to class and noticed a gathering of barefoot people hopping around on the stones next to the JEC? Or were you heading down to Blitman only to be surprised by an assembly of young men dashing up the approach on all fours, like a horde of crazy jungle… Keep Reading

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