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McKinney 2016: 3rd Prize Electronic Media

A Disorganized Collection of Writings Rajas Nagpurkar   Gazing   Gazing through the looking glass, and attempting to reminisce, he lets go, relieves, and perceives.Colossi of raindrops subtly fall through sky’s shadows , violently battling the grey in great amounts, failing to come anywhere near the threshold of one’s most sensitive ear. Nature’s children appear… Keep Reading

Creative Writing/Fiction/Humor

We Fought a War, and the War Won

By Peter Wood It all started innocently enough. Fredward Chumplehammer, the mayor of Winskapoma Springs, made an offhand comment that sounded rather like a personal attack on the character of Halbert McNedsky, the mayor of nearby Glunkatoopa Falls. Some people from Glunkatoopa Falls started getting angry at Winskapoma Springs: drawing rude cartoons, putting up signs,… Keep Reading

Creative Writing/Fiction

TIKA: The Final Chapter

By Elizabeth Anderson < Previous Chapter Chapter 4 Spring arrived, and with it, melting snow.  It was a good year, at last, with an early and pleasant spring.  Tika was staying with a new family, now, and helped them plant crops.  She was still a bit weak from lack of food during the winter, but… Keep Reading

Creative Writing/Fiction

TIKA: Chapter 3

By Elizabeth Anderson < Prior Chapter At least, that’s what she thought for a while.  There was very little chance that she’d be able to make it back to Yahvsin Tevoe, or even the nearest village.  Not in this snow, which was coming down harder and harder.  In the cave, she’d be out of the… Keep Reading

Creative Writing/Fiction

TIKA: Chapter 2

By Elizabeth Anderson < Prior Chapter Two and a half years later. Tika was fifteen.  She was staying in the capital city, Yahvsin Tevoe, in hopes of work. It’s hard to be a refugee from your hometown.  Tika missed her brothers and father far more than she could have thought.  Yet she wanted, no, needed… Keep Reading

Creative Writing/Fiction

TIKA: Chapter 1

By Elizabeth Anderson Spring. Thirteen-year-old Tika Aza  ran down the dusty path that led from her home village of Tvarnaer to the neighboring village of Es Seli.  Her heavy cloth backpack, filled as it was with shovels and other metal trinkets, bothered her not one bit. Tika loved to run.  She lived with all boys;… Keep Reading

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