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Sandbox by Paul Calhoun

We like to share with you, a very interest fiction writing, “Sandbox,” which won the 1st place from Mckinney Contest 2010. Link to full story at the author’s website: Mommy just moved me to a new world. First I was awake.  She lifted me when I started to cry.  She always exists after I… Keep Reading

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Evan Douglis Interview [Issue 10.1]

Between JOHN WALLACE, News Analysis Editor and EVAN DOUGLIS, Dean, School of Architecture S&W: You’ve been here for just over one academic year.  How’s it been so far? DD: It’s been an amazing experience since my arrival.  Although there have been many challenges, which are not unusual to any leadership position, my initial sense of… Keep Reading

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Tonight GM Will Be Roasted

The GM Roast is happening today at 5pm in Mothers! That means — Zwack might cry today – or not – either way – he will be laughed at by you (if you show up). It’s also for charity — that’s good too. $5 ($15 for non students) at the door gets you food, entry… Keep Reading

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Words from Web Master

To celebrate the release of iPad, I have improved features of the interactive issue (See issue # 9.10). Now you can scroll left, right, up, and down, when the issue is zoomed in. So now you can actually read the issue online without a need of a magnify glass! To change each page, you can… Keep Reading

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