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Why I Should not be a T.A.

By Cassondra Brayfield I had the honor and privilege to obtain a T.A. job for the class Engineering Processes. They had been looking for someone to take the job and the only requirement is that you have taken the class before. Since my mom had been on my case about making some money I said,… Keep Reading


The 5 Most Irresponsible Uses of Radiation in History

5. The Revigator The 20s were a simpler time. Prohibition had finally done away with alcohol forever and Americans needed something else to slowly destroy them from the inside out. Fortunately, through one man’s vision and a profound misunderstanding of science, the Revigator was created. Essentially a water bubbler lined with uranium ore, this device… Keep Reading


Issue 12.1

Issue Date: 5/06/2013 Culture Gender-Neutral Housing: An Interview with Jonathan Karsh ’16 Hardcore Parkour Ola Dubh Special Reserve 18 – Harviestoun Brewery X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery Finnbar’s Pub Humor The 5 Most Irresponsible Uses of Radiation in History Why I Should not be a T.A. Pros and Cons of a Single Apartment Editorial &… Keep Reading


Of Psych Wards and Sororities

by Anonymous I woke up confused, angry, and with a desire to take the biggest shit of my life in the hospital. For the record, that shit came out black from the charcoal they made me chug earlier that morning. I was confused as to where I was and, more specifically, why my sweatpants didn’t… Keep Reading


Letter to a Former Self

by Zachary Fishman Dear me from the past, or to whomever might now be filling those shoes, Just wanted to say hi. Hi! Oh, and since you’re probably a ball of hopeless stress right about now, allow me to share three pieces of advice that you might find helpful: 1. Don’t Panic. Senior year at… Keep Reading


Getting Research: The Facts

by Elizabeth Anderson I have heard many misconceptions about research/independent studies from fellow classmates and I thought I’d try to clear some of the major ones up. First, though, I’d like to start off with some reasons as to why you might want to do research, as well as how you might go about finding… Keep Reading


Of Lesbians and Prostitutes

Of Lesbians and Prostitutes by Patricia Di Pietro Before we start let’s get all the misconceptions that I, personally, had about Les Liaisons Dangereuses out of the way. This is not a play about lesbians. This is not a play about prostitutes. Therefore, this is not a play about lesbian prostitutes. But it is still… Keep Reading


The RPI Photo Contest!

by Bobby Ferris Hey Everyone! Welcome to the spring semester of 2011! We here at S&W have just recently changed up the Editors with the new year. Check out the updated staff page to see who they are! So our next issue is the first of the year, and as always our annual color issue.… Keep Reading

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Be a Better Spammer or Stop Spamming!

by Natt Phenjati “Just read it and went gosh, I know why I was poor in the debate class. – The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves,” commented Kerrie Tofolla on a post in our site. I did not approve this comment. Why? First, this comment was given to the post on RPI Fall… Keep Reading

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