The Complete Moron’s Guide to Science (Part 2: Chemistry)

  Chemistry is widely considered the most aesthetically appealing of the sciences, because it is concerned mostly with putting brightly-colored [...] Read More

May 31, 2016

2016 McKinney Contest Winners & Honorable Mentions

Statler & Waldorf is proud to publish the works from winners of this years McKinney Writing Contest. 1st Prize Poetry [...] Read More

April 19, 2016

Issue #16.1 OUT NOW!

Issue #16.1 OUT NOW! Be sure to pick up one of these beauties somewhere on campus. The Union! Commons! JEC! [...] Read More

April 18, 2016

McKinney 2016: 1st Prize, Electronic Media

McKinney 2016: 2nd Prize Electronic Media

McKinney 2016: 1st Prize, Short Story

McKinney 2016: 3rd Prize, Short Story

McKinney 2016: 1st Prize Poetry

McKinney 2016: 2nd Prize Poetry