Gov Suite Review

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By Chester Kowalski

The Union has been going through a lot recently. Constant political issues, #savetheunion, and
renovations involving redoing our office, finally adding locks to the door after a whole semester
of insecurity, and then not even giving us keys that actually open the door, forcing us to hold
editor’s meetings in the dismal dark room.

But we aren’t bitter.

As such, let’s talk about a renovation project that they did really well because they care—the
Government Suite.

When you first walk in, the first thing that assaults your unprepared senses is the carpet.
Sporting classic RPI red and black, it has a dizzying overlapped rectangle-based pattern, with
different shades interwoven thoughout. The pattern is definitely busy, but not exactly ​ bad ​ .
Maybe a busy pattern fits such a busy location as the Gov Suite.

Directly to the right after sneaking in is a meeting room. This once was a combination
mail/meeting room, which meant you would walk in to get club mail and have people yell at you
about a meeting they’re having because a school full of “engineers” can’t use space efficiently.
But they can be taught! And now we have an truly useful room. 8/10

The Main Room is next. Split into 2 sides, we start with the conference table. This seems fine.
My ​ only memory of this storied surface is being yelled at over it for writing the word “hazing” in
an article—and not because we compared RPI to ISIS—so overall I like it. IT does its job,

The other side with the rotating chairs however… not so much. Half the chairs are in the way of
others, and they are all bunched up in the center of the room, useless; it just generally looks
bad. Redesign it. Perhaps Neptune the 15th would be nice.

Finally, there’s the graduate student council at the end of a dark hallway, which I think speaks
for itself.

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