Photo Contest Fall 2017 Winners

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First Place: Jiawei Xu – Thanksgiving

“I took this photo last year in New York City during Thanksgiving. When my shutter clicked the third time, he raised his head to look at me, and I could tell he had once had a camera like mine; he had lost much he once had. It was bad— soon it would rain. But he was silent while the world was not. I do not know his story before or after this, but perhaps I will see him again.”

Second Place: Gyanendra Sharma – Coming Home

“Fishermen return from their trips as the sun starts to go down at Koshi Barrage, Nepal. Selling small catches on the roadside is one of the primary source of income for these families, who barely make their ends meet. Also, constant flooding in the region doesn’t help with their livelihood. If you want to participate in helping the victims, you can do so here –”

Third Place: Jessy Kauffman – Girl’s Best Friend free porn videos

“This photo was taken on the way back from a campground with my family, cousins, and dog, Whisky. My cousin, Lenoy, was enjoying splashing water into the air, as if playing fetch with Whisky in the mountain waters of New Hampshire.”


And finally, our honorable mentions:

Alvin Yu – Melon Salesman

Justin Ko – All Eyes on Me

Siyi Zhou – Where Does Life Go?


Lastly, we at Statler & Waldorf want to thank everyone and congratulate all of our winners and honorable mentions.

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