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By Chris Frazier


The Fall 2017 semester is in full swing, and that means that the 39th Annual Career Fair will soon be upon us. On the 22nd and the 23rd of September, over 200 companies will join us on campus seeing just how inept RPI students are, so here are 7 helpful tips and tricks for those aspiring students out there looking for an internship or even a job to make sure that you have a successful Career Fair.



  • Dress for the job you want. This one’s been done ad nauseam, but it really works. Interviewers take notice when you’re dressed for the job you want, which is not always the one you’re interviewing for. If you’re vocation is to fight for Queen and Country then don some knight armor; or if you wish to be the terror of the Cretaceous Period, get yourself one of those inflatable T-rex costumes. This tried and true method will insure that you’ll land your dream job.
  • Change up your resume. These interviewers see hundreds, maybe even thousands, of resumes all the time, and all of them are the same boring formatted documents with black ink on white paper. Make yours stand out and it’s guaranteed to get the attention of these companies. One good way to make your resume unique is to make it a dreamboard. That’s a sure way to get your foot in the door.
  • Play hard to get. These companies are looking for ideal employees/interns. They expect to have you jump through hoops to pass the interview. Maybe it would behoove you to play hard to get, as it would draw the interviewer in. Why did they take the interview if they don’t care? What’s their secret? I want to know more, is what the interviewer will be thinking when you act like you’d rather be watching paint dry. It works for picking up dates, and an interview is the same principle.
  • Make a personal connection. Interviewers are seen as these soulless embodiments of the companies they represent, but they’re humans just like the rest of us. Humanize them. Make conversation. Invite them to a family dinner. Hit on them and ask them out on a date. However you manage to remind these people they’re human, and I’m sure they’ll love your mom’s casserole.
  • Bribe them. In this day and age, integrity is a thing of the past, so make use of the world’s newfound lack of morality. Slip them some Lincolns. Undo a button or two on your shirt while making poorly hidden innuendos. Whatever it is, the interviewer will be sure to take you up on the offer in return for a successful interview.
  • Proper interview etiquette. No matter how you choose to perform the interview, remember to follow the basic rules of etiquette during process. Make sure to make as little eye contact as possible, alternate between mumbling quietly and shouting, and always go in for a fist bump when they are clearly aiming for a handshake. Proper etiquette is important and they’ll be sure to remember you if you maintain it.
  • Answer truthfully. Interviewers hate it when you answer their questions with the answers they “want” to hear. What they really want to hear is the truth. For instance, when asked why you want the job, don’t drone on about how great the company is, simply say that you want to make fat stacks. Honesty is a valuable character trait that they like to see.



With these 7 tricks you can make your dream(board)s become reality this Career Fair, so what are you waiting for? Wear a costume, get out the collage supplies, prepare a homecooked meal and do anything else that you think will help make this Career Fair as successful for you as you want it to be.

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