Data Scientist Develops New Way To Put Shapes And Words On Paper: The Svenn Diagram

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STOCKHOLM—Researcher Svenn Svensson of the Norwegian Institute for Graphics and Analysis has developed a disruptive new visual standard for data visualization, the Svenn Diagram. In an interview with Statler & Waldorf, Svensson recounted his past attempts at new ways of putting shapes, words, and numbers on pages. Pictured below is a sample of one of his earliest attempts at visualization of comparative data, using data we provided. Wow, what a shitty diagram.




Svensson returned to the drawing board, throwing away his crude concepts, and finally churned out a masterful piece of graphical data analysis that will go down in the history books. “I was so proud to have created such a beautiful piece of graphical mastery after so many failures! My original Svenn diagram was inspired by an American holiday—how you say, ‘Gives The Thanks Day?’—you know, the one where Americans feasted before they killed all the natives?” Nope, we have no knowledge of a mass killing of natives, definitely not a thing that happened. *cough*

Anyway, an example of Svensson’s legacy, the Svenn diagram, is shown below using the same data as the graphic above. We were floored by the levels of complexity that he’s worked into this incredible piece of visual data analysis. The cleanliness paired with in-depth insight into the behavior and inner-workings of RPI students’ pregnancy prevention methods is truly astounding. We’re gushing (all over our bodies) and hope you are too.


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