9 Fads That Will Never Catch On

in Humor

Written language
Sure, being able to store information near-indefinitely might be nice, but honestly it’s just too much work to remember all the little squiggly marks and what they mean.

The year 2013
Do I even have to explain this one? Seriously. This has no lasting appeal; it’s going to stick around for a year at most.

Purely cosmetic DLC in video games
Eventually, game designers will realize that this is a stupid way to squeeze money out of people who already paid for their games… right?

The Polytechnic
Who would ever want to pay attention to a campus newspaper that publishes actual news? Nobody, that’s who.

Sexual intercourse
Yes, I know what you’re thinking: this is the one fitness craze that will never stop. But seriously, why should this be any different from all the others? In a few months, people will move on to something else, like cross-country snorkeling or roof hockey.

The letter ‘e’
Th lttr ‘e’ could dissapar from th ntir Nglish languag tomorrow and nobody would notic it was gon.

Japanese cartoons
What baka would ever want to watch kuso-quality cartoons translated from some other language when there are perfectly sugoi cartoons in English already?

Global warming
Despite what its proponents may say, global warming will never catch on. The potential flooding alone is worse than whatever benefits people may claim.

This very article is all the proof you need for this one.

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