2016 McKinney Contest Winners & Honorable Mentions

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Statler & Waldorf is proud to publish the works from winners of this years McKinney Writing Contest.

1st Prize Poetry

titles by Zach Spurrier

2nd Prize Poetry

We May Shatter by Nicole Mowder

Co-winner 3rd Prize Poetry

A collection of Poetry by Nicholas Boni

Co-winner 3rd Prize Poetry

A collection of poetry by Casey Fong

Honorable Mention Poetry

Abandoned Art by Luis Morales

Honorable Mention Poetry

Diviner by Rebecca Smith

Honorable Mention Poetry

Time-Out by Hannah Drew-Moyer

Honorable Mention Poetry

Tearing Thunder to Thin Threads by Michael Miwa

Honorable Mention Poetry

falling back by Elizabeth Brundage

Honorable Mention Poetry

Blue Letters by Amanda Schleicher

1st Prize Electronic Media

Fifteen years later by Nicholas Boni

2nd Prize Electronic Media

by Demetrius Green

3rd Prize Electronic Media

A Disorganized Collection of Writings by Rajas Nagpurkar

1st Prize Short Story

Meet the Parents by Gabriella Rollo

3rd Prize Short Story

We Used to Do Cakes by Nicholas Boni