We Are The Culture Of Fear

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Fear us! Statler & Waldorf have officially been named the “culture of fear” at RPI by Dr. Jackson in her recent 2-hour review of our publication (masqueraded as a “Town Hall Meeting”). This comes as great news to all of us, as her review of our content touched on such popular subjects as our “Brown Sugar” cover article. We dug through our archives to locate this article and re-post it here, but we haven’t been able to find it and a search for “brown sugar” on our website returned no results. We’re not saying we didn’t write it, but we honestly can’t find it.

Still, to be reviewed in such glowing terms as “used to exist” and “racially tense” from the President of our Institute is an honor. Almost as much of an honor as the time she appeared on our cover for an interview and autographed a copy:

We even framed it.

Some have said that the review wasn’t actually positive, going so far as to call it “negative” or “savage”. Still others insist that it wasn’t even a review, that Dr. Jackson was actually there to discuss issues of the Institute and that we’re idiots. To those people, we say nay. How can you claim a review which includes words like “derogatory” is anything less than fantastic? She even mentioned how we weren’t shut down after our coverage of the “B—H” ratio! Clearly a fan of our journalism.

What’s more is we were the only media outlet at RPI to receive coverage during today’s “Town Hall”. This isn’t just a review, it’s practically an endorsement! We’re not even mad anymore that The Poly and RPI TV set up a media outpost without inviting us. We had our own media outpost and it was a lot cooler than theirs.

Still, if we absolutely can’t convince you that today’s protest and speech in EMPAC weren’t merely for Dr. Jackson to endorse S&W, you have to concede one thing: our mention today was about the freedom of speech at RPI that truly exists. The “culture of fear” we were described as representing is mostly not much more than a “repetitive assertion” (see: meme). Yes, there are some serious issues with the Institute but our approach to them as students is largely unorganized and (admittedly) ill-informed.

Our humor isn’t always of the highest-brow, but we’re allowed to say what we want. (Except for one time we were actually almost shut down). If anyone knows criticizing the administration it’s us, the purveyors of cheap humor here at S&W. But that’s exactly the point: when you take the messages of satire and social media too seriously you can end up with a culture of not just fear but anger, cynicism, and depression. It’s important to form your own educated opinions on the topics that matter. I know that if we posted an article tomorrow with the headline “$hirley Found Swimming in Pool of Cash” it would get a lot more views than the headline “RPI Provides Letter of Credit”. So read responsibly.


P.S. Any administrators reading this please know we definitely didn’t support any sort of protest and gladly welcome any administrative change please don’t shut us down.