S&W’s Premium Career Fair Tips

in Humor

With the annual Spring Career fair next week, we put together some helpful tips to make sure you walk out employed and happy:

  • It’s okay to be nervous. A couple strong drinks beforehand can really help take the edge off.

  • If this is your first career fair, it’s important to either pick a fight with the biggest guy in there or become someone’s bitch right away.

  • Dress code is strictly formal attire, but if you don’t have a suit then one of those shirts that looks like a tuxedo should be fine.

  • If you don’t want to be covered in sweat, be sure to cover your whole body in antiperspirant.

  • Bring speakers so you can watch YouTube videos while waiting in line to speak to recruiters.

  • To get noticed, bring your hoverboard. Especially if you can do some cool tricks.

  • Assert dominance by offering jobs to the recruiters. Make sure to ask for their resume.

  • Ties are formal. More ties are more formal. Wearing all of the ties in your closet will ensure you are the most formal.

  • Most of the companies at the career fair are totally lame. Start your own company and hire the other students there.

  • Companies are looking for people who can be team players. Bring a bunch of friends with you and wear matching jerseys. You can even march and speak in unison. They’ll love it.

  • Don’t kill the recruiters, as that could hurt your chances of scoring that job.

  • If you don’t get a job this time, don’t worry! There’s plenty of time, unless you’re a graduating senior in which case you should really get on that.

  • Let the recruiter know you’re desperate, it’s a personality trait they look for in potential new employees.

Be sure to let us know how our tips helped you land that big internship or job offer! Send us YOUR success story at satan@rpi.edu.