The Waldorf Salad: December 4th, 2015

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Once again, in the final stretches of the semester, S&W brings you the best news from campus and the world beyond. Make sure you read through this one, we’ve prepared something special at the end…


Zake Kav’eb’s Tips For Surviving The Semester

Our resident RPG character gives S&W some exclusive tips on finishing out strong and slaying that term project for that epic loot/GPA drop!


Commons Day Trader Loses Fortune In Fudge Bars Futures

In a sudden market surge, expert analysts were WRONG and the snack commodity markets have plummeted due to low chocolate demand!

Read on to learn how to save your sugary investments…


Cerebral Pantsings Six: This Series Has Met The Sticks

The final chapter in S&W’s cultural break-down of popular music. What does Kanye really see in those stars? Roswell might not be a mystery any longer…


TIKA: The Final Chapter

Tika loved to run. And she’d come to the end of her journey. What else could she have done after all she’d been through?


The Staunchy Adventures of Swagsquatch: Episode One

Because we would be devastated if we didn’t have at least one ridiculous episodic article running at any given time…


And finally, a promised treat…

Introducing S&W’s first and fantastic foray into sketch comedy, with BS News!!

Gracefully produced with the wonderful help of RPITV, it may very well be the worst thing we’ve done yet! :D

Bashfully yours, the writers, editors, and web gurus of S&W. We’ll see you with one last digital issue before the semester comes to an end!