The Waldorf Salad: October 31st, 2015

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Another extra spooky Waldorf Salad, on the house! How spooky, you ask?

It’s chock-full of the inane news about this school’s administration and the inevitability of corporate greed to turn our Alma mater into a sad shell of itself.

HAHA, just kidding! It’s mostly bad puns and cringe-worthy family stories. Stay spooked!


Why Our Money Is Dumb

Because yes, capitalism is indeed a sham….


Local Student Horrified To Learn He Is NPC

You know that guy you see on the way to class, the one always walking into walls and repeating the same sentence again and again?

Well, guess what? Now he knows what he really is…


Why My Sisters Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Give Birth

Just in time for the sad and regrettable family holidays, one of our authors recalls his trials as an uncle…


Cerebral Pantsings 4: Taylor Swift, No More

Imagine the shock when you realize she’s not shaking it to forget her haters…


‘Illuminazis Do Not Exist’ Claims Prominent Illuminazi Leader

S&W tracks the conspiracy wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an outdated world order…


Until next time, dear readers! Recover from the poor choices you made in costume and we’ll see you in two weeks!