The Waldorf Salad: November 13th, 2015

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Fresh from the presses, delivered *despite* the fact that we’ve all had James Bond films to watch and Call of Duty/Fallout games to play, here’s this fortnight’s Waldorf Salad!


Cerebral Pantsings 5: All Aboard Coke Mountain

Let It Go? That’s right, let it all go right down the drain because you just snorted a whole lot of cocaine and now the cops are at your door…


RPI Introduces New Course: Creative Writing For Tinder Profiles

Finally, a humanities course we can use!


Booty In The Hood: A Critical Review

S&W reviews the hottest new chronicle gracing YouTube at this very moment…which episode takes our top slot?


TIKA: Chapter 3

Tika loved to run. We finally tracked her down and bring you the third chapter in this long-standing series!


I Regret Everything: Texting People – Dude Edition

More cringe-worthy texting goodness from our cringe-worthy editor!


That’s all for now, dear readers. Expect only the best over the next few weeks, and I even hear that apology popcorn is underfoot…?

Who knows! Popcorn! :D