Booty In The Hood – A Critical Review

in Humor

By Our Chief Youtube Connoisseur

I recently became aware of the acclaimed YouTube series by director David Bias known as Booty in the Hood. The 10-piece chronology is set in an urban neighborhood and showcases an array of booty from various women featured in the films. At first, I was confused. The series has no description, no tags, and is clearly an independent work as each segment has less than 400 views. There’s also no explanation as to the serial presentation of the films. Are they a series? Are they all parts of the same full-length feature? Then it hit me: they are a countdown of the top booty, shot in a handheld Blair Witch style. How very avant-garde.

    Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 5.29.18 PM.png


    My favorite installment is Booty in the Hood #7, which takes us from inside the main character’s house, out into some sort of vacant alleyway. It should be noted that the cameraman focuses on the main booty for the majority of the video. As the characters discuss matters of business among themselves, someone from off-screen (possibly the cameraman?) begins to shout, “Get the door! Get the door!” to which we see a man run to action, off-screen. We never learn why they were trying to get the door closed, as the scene pans over to several people searching for something in the bushes. The suspense builds as a man off-screen asks “What are you looking for?” which we learn is the female protagonist’s necklace. The camera quickly cuts, leaving us in suspense as the first man comes to the conclusion, “Ah, I know where it is.” Chilling.

    Anyone who is as into thriller countdown independent works as me will immediately recognize the work of David Bias anywhere they see it, particularly in his flagship Booty series. However, special note should be given to his other works, The Booty is Back, and the two-part short series Young Booty and Old Booty. (Bias takes the setting to new worlds in this mini-flick, recording booty in a convenience store. Either way, Booty in the Hood will ring in my heart for years, it’s quality paralleled only by its pure rewatchability. I strongly recommend this series to anyone, and give it 5 out of 5 booty.