The Waldorf Salad: Oct 9th, 2015

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Here comes another bi-weekly blast of S&W’s finest articles, news, opinions, and brainwashing campaigns straight to you, our beloved readers! Our top stories:


Earth – An Honest Review

Sure, it sustains life as we know it and we have no other home, but how great is it really?

People tried for years to escape into space…our planetary review specialist can give you the scoop!


The Broken Phone Chronicles

What would you do if your cherished magic box stopped working? (No, we don’t mean your microwave.)

Our lead tech survivalist gives us the gritty, brutal details of life without a call for help…


I Blame My Tastebuds

Do Pop-Tarts constitute a well-balanced meal? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Discover the health benefits that has greedy doctors FURIOUS with the sugar industry!


I Regret Everything: Texting People – Female Edition

Lamenting your fumbling responses to your lady friends? Wondering why you’re forever stuck in the friend zone, you poor baby?

Well at least you’re not as bad as our senior female correspondent! Learn from the best…


As always, count on S&W to bring you the finest secrets and insights from the depths of RPI! See you in two weeks!