The Waldorf Salad: Oct 16th, 2015

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Back again with more literary goodness and cutting-edge news, here’s the best of S&W:


Talk Whirly To Me: A Fan Fanfic

This summer’s hottest fanfic that’s so hot…yet so breezy at the same time.

We ship you with a wide variety of fans, which one will you notice? ;)


Cerebral Pantsings 3: Stay With Me

Our expert cryptoanalyst extracts the true splinter-dick meanings of this pop song…


The Hottest Fall Fashion: Career Fair Shirts

Are you wearing the new trends? S&W is here to keep you with the in crowd!


An Inside Look Into Peter Molyneux’s Home Life

The game design mogul has gone silent to the media lately, but S&W has pierced the veil!

See what the industry’s ‘finest’ is really like…


Baby Boomers Officially Ruin Facebook For Millennials

This just in – Facebook is dead, overcome by parents and uncles alike.

RIP in peace, you blue monstrosity.


That’s another healthy helping of The Waldorf Salad! See you fortnightly for all your RPI news needs! We will usurp Morning Mail, you’ll see.