The Waldorf Salad: September 18th, 2015

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Hello dearest readers! We here at S&W have grouped together this week’s top news, biggest opportunities, and hottest debates into a new initiative called The Waldorf Salad.

Read away, and be enlightened by the real news:


Entire IED Class Arrested For Making IEDs

Our correspondent in the field gives us his full report!

In a shocking miscommunication, the entire IED class was arrested on accusations of making explosive devices…


The Million Dollar Fantasy Football Fantasy

Looking to get rich quick? Make your bro dreams come true? Look no further!

What could you do with a million dollars? Anything you fucking wanted to…


This Year’s Famous Freshmen

With a new year comes a new batch of iconic personalities on campus.

Find out the who’s who of the class of 2019….


Cerebral Pantsings 2: Electric What Dude?

Just how subversive do your favorite pop songs really get? There’s so much more beyond the lyrics.

As part of S&W’s ongoing unveiling of truth and poetry in pop songs, we present the second mind-rattling meaning to the ‘happiest’ song of last year…


Point/Counterpoint: Looking At Me

Are you one of the ground observers, eyes permanently fixed on the prospect of finding another forgotten nickel? Or do you stare life right in its freckly face?

Our expert debate team makes their cases on eye contact…


As always, stay classy and keep your appetite ready for a biweekly FDA-approved Waldorf Salad.

(Now with 25% more fiber and 50% more Calcium than weekly Poly digests!)