The Hottest Clubs at the Activities Fair

in Humor

At the annual Activities Fair last week, hundreds of Union clubs packed into the Armory to showcase just how much sweat their members were capable of producing. The Hot Lava Club featured a truly inspiring interpretation of Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell next to the Surface of the Sun (SOTS) Club, which was handing out samples of flaming hydrogen as part of their nuclear fusion demonstration.

However, the big winner of the night seemed to be the Melt Stuff With Blowtorches Club, who were seen running dozens of butane gas torches simultaneously. The peak temperature during the course of the night was recorded at over 280 degrees Fahrenheit. To combat the curiously humid climate of the Armory, Union organizers were on site to distribute bottles of melted freshmen.

While some legitimate clubs were conspicuously absent (including the Wifi Club and the RPI Air Conditioning Team), The Poly was there, as usual, doing some stupid magazine thing or something.