S&W Infiltrates Student Life Site, Publishes Clearly Fake Poly Article

in Humor

Report in the field from Noah Tebben

In a stunning breach of campus website security, we here at Statler & Waldorf have successfully hacked into the student life website, the RPI Facebook page, and the Poly’s website to promote the obviously fake Summer Arch initiative. As white-wizard-hat hackers, we’re always looking to plug critical security flaws in our campus resources, and today we managed to take advantage of a pigeonhole back-server open source glitch in the Union server architecture to successfully post and publicize a fake new educational program, the Summer Arch.

Our lead code monkey, who prefers to remain anonymous for now, clearly voiced his dismay after the stunt:

“It’s so frightening to see that just about anyone with a little technical finesse can present such ludicrous ideas, like a forced summer session, with no backlash whatsoever. And while the Student Life page is older and gets less traffic, the fact that we were able to put our best satire article yet right on the Poly website and the main RPI Facebook page is even more terrifying. If the premier writing club on campus is able to hack into the premier almost news club’s website, what could someone with even more technical know-how manage to accomplish?”

Our code monkey did see a silver lining:

“It’s officially our most popular article yet! And even better, people are eating it up! The outcry is immense, and we all know that the measure of a good satire article is how irreversibly mad its readers get when they believe it to be real news. We are so proud.”

While we at S&W are indeed proud of both our hackers and our writers, we are still shocked that the Summer Arch initiative fooled so many, and we hope this will serve as a proper reminder that website security is always the top priority.