Entire IED Class Arrested for Making IEDs

in Humor

Every student currently enrolled in IED was arrested this week on suspicion of producing explosives. The issue arose after concerned parents of students in the course alerted authorities that their children were taking an “IED class.”

IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, are not the primary material of the course, which actually stands for Introduction to Engineering Design. However, this has not changed the opinions of many parents who believe that the class should be renamed so as not to insinuate violence or terrorism. One popular suggestion is “Design and Introduction to Engineering”, or DIE. Administration believes that this name change properly reflects the popular attitude of students towards the class.

“As far as my knowledge,” said class dean Whirley Shackson, “the production of makeshift explosives is not currently taught in most of our classes.” Shackson went on to explain that there would be an extensive review of all course material.

There was also an arrest made in another class, Introduction to Systems in Science (or ISIS), for possession of marijuana. That student was released.