Predictive Journalism

in Humor

By Mike Dame, Swype

 Editor’s note: Writhing in the throes of creative writer’s block and with the deadline rapidly approaching, I decided to turn to technology to write this article for me. This entire article was written word-by-word using Swype keyboard’s predictive texting feature. I believe it says a lot about my speech patterns and most-used words. Enjoy.


This is actually supposed to be a good idea! I’m not sure what your reasoning behind this is seriously ridiculous. Yeah I’m gonna be an awesome time for no one else to see if you choose from the driveway. Beer is the only good part about it but whatever I love the new years party for being blatantly gay. It’s not even if it stops the fuck from my schoolwork or female, but not the easiest thing to get back from a couple people that would be good enough for me.

The warning signs of spring break starts with the rest of the house of commons. If they don’t want to accept something that is the christmas tree? And what is the song they hum along to watch it with me. It’s like it was pretty much random but if it stops the fuck from my hair cut it is actually possible. I don’t think people are playing settlers of the house of a little kissing around the world of pure imagination.

The list goes on to say it stops. I love the best sections of the time you got bombed by the end of this year. It’s not even have the sketch of my car to get beer? Or maybe I can print out the career fair to do it was pretty cool. The warning says that it’s not illegal. I think I’m just keeping the other two prizes for you sucking the fuck back on my ears. I love the new kitchen this summer anyway, and they have tutorials on my ears. It’s not even if it stops at work tomorrow so much more than just a routine of the time for no apparent reason why you always listen.

It’s like you can download it to be able to watch it with me. I don’t really remember any other week and I thought you were doing it and if you choose from the following options for this reason, I’m not free until the fuck did it with me.

The girlfriend is actually supposed to be a short period. It’s a snow keg tonight and you mine in the morning! You can call them to catch the church of the fuck from my loans. I think I’m going with you too! And there is a separate issue with the rest of my friends, but not the beer store.

It’s a bit of the time for me to get beer? If you google android programming too much it stops at least one of the time you got drunk with me.