Campus Genius Helps Professor with Technical Issue

in Humor

Working in front of over 45 astounded classmates, RPI student John Neonspot ‘17 is making news on campus after reportedly assisting his professor with computer difficulties mid-lecture last week.

According to witnesses, Neonspot heroically offered his efforts approximately 27 minutes into his 10:00am Art History lecture when the classroom’s overhead projector, for reasons still unknown, ceased to function. The unsolicited aid began from Neonspot’s own seat where he attempted to diagnose the problem via a series of strategically crafted shouts before approaching the podium to asses the problem face-to-face.

“He [Neonspot] just moved so quickly,” said classmate Robert Ducky, ‘16. “It was really terrifying when the projector stopped working, but it’s almost like it didn’t even faze him.”

After first confirming aloud that the professor was indeed operating a MacBook Pro personal laptop computer, tensions were raised when Neonspot announced that he “didn’t have much experience with Macs” but assured classmates he would “see what [he] could do”.

As his classmates affixed their collective gaze on Neonspot’s masterful clicking and typing, the projector screen in front of them a blank white sheet, the fate of the 110-minute lecture held in the balance. Witnesses in the first few rows of seats reported that, during this time, Neonspot attempted to unplug and replug several mysterious wires connected to the professor’s computer.

Approximately 8 minutes into the disaster the projector flashed to life, its image illuminated dozens of feet high revealing the Macintosh “Display Settings” system menu.

“I don’t even know how he thought to look there,” said Deandra Reynolds, ‘16. The crisis averted, interest soon turned to Neonspot’s skillful technical prowess and savant-like ability to repair an error on an operating system he “didn’t have much experience with”. Word soon spread throughout campus as video of the event went viral, receiving coverage on several cable news networks.

According to close friends of Neonspot, he is currently enrolled in his second semester of Data Structures.