Madame Tomorrow on: Drugs!

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Dear Madame Tomorrow,

I am doing undergrad research on campus this semester and so I am constantly reporting to a grad student. Incidentally, this grad student has almost the same name as my super shady drug dealer. Like it’s off by one letter!  I have almost texted my grad student by accident asking for prices. This is not a good thing. What should I do?

Yours truly,

Academic Druggy


Dear Druggy,

I understand that you probably don’t want to label your supplier as “drug dealer” on your phone. And you certainly don’t want to mix up the names. The last thing you need is to ask your dealer for 2 liters of methanol and your grad student for a fourth of sticky icky. Have you considered labeling your grad student as “grad student” or “research”,  as in “Steve (Research)” or whatever works. Hope this helps alleviate some drunken text and quick texting problems.

Your Madame,