College Mad Lib

in Humor

S&W is aware of the many fraternity parties on campus, so we’ve decided to help them out by creating a ‘Mad Libs’-style template for efficient party announcements.

The _____(Adv.)-______(Adj.) party is going to be _______ (Adj.)!

Next _______(Day), our fraternity, _____  _____  ______ (3 Greek letters), will be having a totally _____ (Adj.) ______ (N. mashed with the word ‘Bros’) and _______ (N. mashed with the word ‘Hoes’) party! It’s going to be _______ (Adj.) and there’s going to be ______ (Quantity) ______ (Degrading synonym for women, plural) there! We’ve got our signature mixed drink, the ______ (Adv.) ______ (Adj.) ________ (N.), available all night!  We’ll also have _____ (Quantity) _______ (Nick-name for Pabst Blue Ribbon) for everyone! The house is on the corner of _______ (Street) and ______ (Street), You’ll be able to tell what house by the ______ (Adj.) Guys _______ (V.) on the porch.


We spoke with a representative from  _____  _____  ______ (3 Greek letters), ________ _______ (Name commonly found written in the front of High School textbooks), who reiterated the party’s _______ (Adj. ending in -ness). “Man, I’m ______ (drunken slur of words) for this party, bro. Our ______ (N.) is going to be off the _______ (expletive, participle) _______ (N.). Brother _______ (Euphemism for male genitalia) has been ______ (participle) for the past _______ (quantity) days in preparation.” We spoke to the president of  _____  _____  ______ (3 Greek letters), _______ _______ (Name that makes you want to punch him in the face already) who clued us in on the fraternities more philanthropic side. “Yeah we donate ______ (number) dollars annually to _______(Lower class occupation) workers with _______ (Disease) in _______ (Third world country), it’s pretty _____ (Adj.). I’m really _______(made-up Adj. ) about our ___ (Adj.) program to teach ______ (minority) about _______ (Hobby you pick up for two weeks as a kid before you give up). It’s showing promise.” _______ (Guy’s Last name) continued to ramble about _______ (half-assed philanthropic cause) for ______ (number) minutes before he challenged us to “a little game we call  ________ (overused Adj.) Beer ________ (Board game you played as a child)! It’s really ______ (Adj.) bro I promise.”

Right on. Let the parties begin, from your ______ (plural, unpleasant N.) at Statler & Waldorf.