Madam Tomorrow’s Advice Column

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What’s your beef stranger? How has life been treating you? This is a messed up world we live in and golly, it would sure be nice if there was someone around who could answer my questions.

Hi, I’m an average human being, just like you (probably) and like most humans, I ask questions. Some questions are serious like “How can I tell if that girl I just slept with had AIDS?”, and some questions are comical like “How can I tell if that girl I just slept with had AIDS?” Yeah, you saw what I just did there. But seriously folks, most people like to ask questions, it’s how they find out what’s what, and how things work, and the great mysteries of life. A single question can change the world. We each ask, like literally hundreds of questions every day and most of them no one seems to be able to answer until now.

This semester has something no other semesters had before it, a mystical, psychic, sorceress with all the powers of nature and good will. She is here for one reason, to answer our questions. Why would she perform such a selfless act?!?!?! Well, mostly because she’s bored and focusing on your problems distracts her from her own. (as you can imagine a mystical, psychic sorceress must have an unfathomable amount of personal issues)

So, there you have it. If you find yourself having a question or problem, as humans often do, you now have somewhere to put it; in an email addressed to the sorceress herself, Madame Tomorrow. Why wait? Whether you question is legit or laughable Madame Tomorrow will answer it post haste, so send your email today!