Finnbar’s Pub

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by Molly Kogan

After stuffing an entire fried mashed potato ball into my mouth at the Off-Campus Student Fair, curiosity about Finnbar’s Pub filled my head. I took a walk down the Approach to interview the owner of Finnbar’s Pub, Sean Costello.

Finnbar’s Pub opened this summer on July 27th. Although the pub is located where Holmes and Watson used to reside on Broadway, please refrain from calling it “The New Holmes and Watson.” The pub is named after Sean’s son Finnbar, and not a preexisting restaurant. While the business is new, the building has existed since the mid-1860s. Although much of the restaurant was renovated, Sean made sure to keep all of the pristine mahogany wood the same. Also, vintage signs and pictures decorate the walls which show the history of Troy. The atmosphere in the pub is very comforting and the hospitality matches it perfectly.  Every server I met was friendly and welcoming. When you are seated, ask your server about their shirt. Each employee is allowed to personalize their uniform shirt. Sean Costello, for example, has a puzzle piece on one sleeve for Autism awareness, and a breast cancer ribbon on the other sleeve to remember loved ones who have passed away.

There are many restaurants and bars in downtown Troy, but Finnbar’s sets itself apart with their Happy Hour special and their menu. Happy Hour begins at 11AM and runs till 7PM. If you had a hard day of classes and need a relaxing drink, you can enjoy $2 off of any of the 24 draft beers. Need a cheaper pick-me-up? Coors Light, Bud Light, and PBR are sold for $2.50. If you simply want to wind down from school with a home-cooked meal, Finnbar’s makes all of their meals from scratch with Farmer’s Market goods and locally purchased produce and meat; because of this, their menu items are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Troy. They also make sure to include vegetarian options and gluten-free meals. No matter what your dietary restrictions are, Finnbar’s Pub has a meal for you. Due to the myriad of options to choose from, I made a list of menu items that are highly recommended.

Food Guide forFinnbar’s Pub

Cheap College Student Meal:

Baked MacNCheese

Guilty Pleasure Meal:

Jameson Infused Chicken Wings

Will Never Get Sick of Meal:

Irish Stew

Comfort Food Meal:

Cottage Pie

Most Authentically Irish Meal:

Fish and Chips

Having A Bad Day Meal:

Turkey Salad Sliders

Uniquely Finnbar’s Pub Meal:



Sean’s message to the RPI students is, “We are here!” Come visit the pub on a Friday night and enjoy live music, a refreshing drink, and an Irish meal. Bring your student ID as well, because all RPI students receive 10 percent off.