The RPI Photo Contest!

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by Bobby Ferris

Hey Everyone!

No, seriously, you'll be like the coolest thing ever

Welcome to the spring semester of 2011! We here at S&W have just recently changed up the Editors with the new year. Check out the updated staff page to see who they are!

So our next issue is the first of the year, and as always our annual color issue. Y’know what looks really good in color? Photos! That’s right the S&W photo contest is already underway!

Do you like photos? Do you have a love for good composition but no artistic talent? Do you have a Deviant art account that you hide from your fiends and family out of shame? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, you should submit to the photo contest!

The deadline is February 4th, and its coming up fast! you don’t want to give up your chance to be famous! So hurry! Go out and take photos! Submissions should be something we can print at 300 dpi.

So send your submissions to!

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