Be a Better Spammer or Stop Spamming!

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by Natt Phenjati

“Just read it and went gosh, I know why I was poor in the debate class. – The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves,” commented Kerrie Tofolla on a post in our site.

I did not approve this comment. Why? First, this comment was given to the post on RPI Fall Fashion 2010. Even if I could understand how Kerrie’s debate class relates to fashion, I still would not approve it. About an hour later, Kerrie Tofolla changed her name to Kerrie Aljemal and gave another comment: “I’ve always hated silent sex and thats why i moved out — – They stayed away in droves.” Sorry Kerrie Tofolla and Kerrie Aljemal (and other 5 more Kerries) but you need to a better job to successfully SPAM this site.

It is about a year now, since I started overseeing this website, and the thing that annoys me the most that I have filter out spams (unsolicited junk message) manually. I know that there are spam filters out there. But for a certain reason, I have to do it this way. Anyhow, after a year of doing this, I become an expert spam blocker. I know whether a comment is a spam or not within a second. Here is how I do it: I look at the URL information of the commentator. It is very easy to distinct legit URLs from suspicious ones. Besides, this blog is for Statler & Waldorf, RPI student magazine. Anything ranging from cheap golf ball to magic weight lost pill is very unrelated in to this blog. If the URL has any of these words in it, it goes right into the spam box.

I am writing for not only other webmasters but also spammers. Here is my message to you: please stop. First of all, you make my job much more boring. Moreover, you are hurting people who actually want to share their opinions. Because of you, they have to wait for their comments to be approved. Because of you, their voices may accidently be blocked. Secondly, I do not think that it is an effective way to get people to your website. I am doing this manually, and I still can block all the spams. People who use filters can do this ten times easier. I know that you use the rule of large number in which out of millions there will be at least some people who approve your spam. However, out of those small amounts, how many readers would actually click on links of commentators who gave random comments. It would not also help much with your SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization). Links with no people clicking through it is almost meaningless. In fact, your website URL could fall into spam lists and soon not show up in Google at all.

To sum up, to be a better spammer, stop spamming. You are better off spending time improving your website’s content or working on something else. For other readers who are not spammers (which most of them aren’t), before you are clicking on any link, please a take second look at what URL it is taking you to. The target URL is displaying at the bottom bar of your Internet browser. If you doubt, do not click.

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