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To celebrate the release of iPad, I have improved features of the interactive issue (See issue # 9.10). Now you can scroll left, right, up, and down, when the issue is zoomed in. So now you can actually read the issue online without a need of a magnify glass! To change each page, you can simply click on the left or right edge of the issue. HOWEVER, the issue won’t run on iPad since it cannot run Flash. Sorry for lucky humans who already owned ones. I hope Steve Jobs will be friend with Adobe again soon.

Natt Phenjati
S&W Webmaster


  1. As the owner of a new iPad, I was disappointed to see that the interactive issue was done using flash. I presume this was to prove a point (namely that the iPad doesn’t support flash), however, I really think S&W should have a digital version that is readable on the iPad – not necessarily an app like the ones from major publishers, but a PDF or ePub version that is consumable on all e-readers.

  2. Matt, you’re lucky man. Anyhow, I by no means want to discourage people who use iPad from reading S&W. The problem now is that I, alone, do not have enough time to develop the version that works across every platform. The CS5 just announced yesterday– it seems like there is some hope that our interactive issues can run on iPad soon. On the meanwhile, your suggestion about PDF version is a good idea. I will have it in available in the coming issues. ~ Natt Phenjati

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