09-10 Photo Contest Winners

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1st Place | Doorway | Keegan Trott

“Walking along the streets of one of the oldest cities in Italy, I found an alcove, one that someone saw fit to structure and live in. The sign that someone had at some point wanted to live there was only the door, for all else was silent.” ~Keegan Trott

2nd Place | Untitled | Dan Powell

“I made this photo of my sister about a year ago in my room with some light from a window. We used to make photos for fun when I was first exploring portrait photography, and she was a patient model for me as I learned about light and framing. This was shot on a Canon EOS 40D with a 50 mm f/1.4 lens at f/2, 1/90 sec. @ ISO 200. It’s right off the memory card—I haven’t touched it at all in post-processing.” ~Dan Powell

3rd Place | Flower Bud | Alex Angilella

“This close-up shot of a flower bud was taken at the beginning of summer in Yardville, NJ with a Canon Digital Rebel XTI and a Sigma 70-300 mm APO DG lens at a focal length of 300 mm using natural light, f/5.6.” ~Alex Angilella

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  1. There have been some questions regarding why these photos are the winners. I, as a the member of the committee who selects the winners, like to share my personal opinion why I like these three photos.

    For the 1st place: The photo seems as if it were a beautiful painting. The color scheme (pale yellow, blue, and black) gives classic warm feeling. The flower on the right conner of the photo is my favorite part. It adds intrigue to the photo.

    For the 2nd place: It is a well exposed photo. And the facial expression of the girl is very compelling, especially her eyes.

    For the 3rd place: The photo expresses very strongly cold emotion through the use of color and composition.

    We receive over one hundred and fifty photos this year. Many of them are great, and it was not easy to pick the winners. Please see the honorable mentions to see other great submissions. Even if your photos are not printed in this issue (9.7), wait for our future issues– your photo may be the next “Last Exit Before Toll.” Thank you everyone for the beautiful submissions.

    Natt Phenjati

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