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By Laura Cherni

I was amazed at the blatant and overwhelming amount of conceitedness displayed in the most recent letter to the editor of S&W. It remind me of the “geek” version of last article’s humor piece, although based upon the arguments within the letter and how it was presented, I’m quite sure it wasn’t trying to be satirical and was merely displaying an extreme case of RIBS (although I’m not sure if it’s even RI?). The crushing arrogance that was shown in shutting down the gentlemen of this school, many of whom have to work up the courage to talk to girls, much less hit on them, is appalling. Allow me to post a few counter-arguments, point for point, to this most illuminating letter, and address them directly towards the author.

10) So what if you’re too busy playing WoW (or other games) to go out a lot? Gamers can and do adapt their gaming hours to do things with their significant others, so although you may spend a lot of time online, when you do stop and do other things, they may take it positively. Not to mention they clearly spend a significant portion of their time online (and likely doing things with you online) as well.

9) What’s wrong with having a relationship with someone who goes to a different college? Weekends are when most things happen anyways, so if you two are going to the same LARPs, and if you don’t take time off from WoW during the week to do things with people, why would it be surprising if they were interested in you?

8) As a general rule, girls like rainbow colors. I know plenty of absolutely straight women who do. And how exactly is one supposed to know what groups or organizations you are a member of unless you pointedly tell us as we chat? Not to mention LBGT includes girls who like both boys and girls.

7) You’re not sleeping because of class work and “not having time for humans” helps with points number ten and nine! Regrettably, college students, especially at tech schools like ours, often find they’re busy and can’t go out all week, save for the videogames they play at night. Just because someone can’t find the time to do things doesn’t mean that they’re not interested.

6) Just because you’ve memorized the phrase “I’m sorry, but I can’t see you as any more than a friend,” doesn’t mean that you’re going to use it on every guy who approaches you, nor that all your guy friends know or care about this fact.

5) Many girls are just as geeky and shy as the boys here and will be oblivious to said boys’ approaches because they think that the boys are not interested in them. Also, some girls will get nervous at the attention, because not every girl is quite as jaded as you.

4) Admittedly, a boy asking you out a week after your breakup is not so tactful, but you’re clearly unattached at this point, and if they don’t move in (or at least let you know they’re interested) then perhaps someone else will.

3) If you’re already dating a guy, then another guy asking you to date him is definitely a no, but the guy asking would either fall into the category of stalker (if he continued at it), or he could be excused for asking once if he didn’t know you were currently attached at the time.

2) . . . I don’t even know what to say to this statement. Clearly people showing love over gender differences, racial differences, religious differences, ethnic differences, political differences, lifestyle differences, employment by same company, and between campuses is all beyond you, since you know, Dungeon Masters can’t date players. Lord knows that all that matters is what the other players of a group think of what the dungeon master is doing in her personal life. Do you make all your choices based on what a panel of other people think?

1) If you have a girlfriend, then the argument of having a significant other falls under point 3, although if the prospective boy knows you’re LGBT, he may be hoping you’re in fact bisexual and will show an interest in him.

I’ve had plenty of males (both friends and not) hit on me, and I’ve found that if one is not interested, it’s best to just take it with a smile and politely turn them down. They’re actually flattering you. No need to take offense and post a letter that shoves your foot ridiculously far down your throat while simultaneously alienating a significant portion of the guys on this campus and angering a portion of the “nerdy” or “geeky” girls. I’m quite sure, however, that you’ve solved your problem with being hit on through your letter, since I doubt anyone who has read it will want to approach you now.

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