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Why I love(d) S&W

When I was a freshman, S&W seemed like the coolest concept to me. It was an open forum for people to openly bash anything they wanted about RPI. There was nothing held back, and it was quality writing. When an issue was brought to the table, there was no pussyfooting around it (e.g., EMPAC, President Jackson, ECAV). I don’t understand much about how this happened, but it isn’t the same anymore.

What’s different now, then? From where I’m standing, it seems like arrogance. Editorial or not, get your facts straight. Would any half-decent reporter sit in their room and write an article on something they heard about through at least three points of separation? I do not think so. Even from my very limited understanding of journalism, I bet that reporter would go and communicate with the people that are directly involved, not the people who have already formulated an opinion on the matter.

“Shenanigans” in journalism

Are some individuals devoid of tact? I think so. Criticism should be welcome when it serves a purpose. If you want to bitch about something that has no relevance to people’s everyday lives, do it on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or some other internet forum. Don’t try to pass that off as quality writing; it belongs in a blog that you have to remind your friends to read. The idea that someone can care about a fucking turtle being killed, and then pass off the conflict in the Middle East and the problem of homelessness in the US as “shenanigans,” is absolutely ridiculous. Do not compare the killing of a turtle to the violence overseas (or anywhere) and then try to be taken seriously on the same page. I feel like while drafting some of the shit that gets put in here, people should say to themselves “SHENANIGANS!” and proceed to stop writing. In the event that you do value turtles above people, PETA is looking for some more idiots to write for them.

To all of the S&W writers whose favorite catchphrase is: “If you have a problem, state it publicly,” I say the same to you. Don’t hide behind the veil of calling your article an editorial where you can say what you feel without backing it up. While I’m on the subject, be aware of who you write on. Don’t let someone write an editorial bashing a group of people one week then the next week tell the same people not to talk down to the author and in addition try to pass it off like an S&W writer doesn’t deserve any shit he/she gets. Sorry, it comes with the territory.

While I do still enjoy reading most of S&W, I think it has changed from what it used to be, and there needs to be a little more thought put into it by some of its writers.

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