Response to “How to Lose a Guy in 45 Days”

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by Sarah French

I’m a girl at RPI who found your piece really irritating. I haven’t had to go to DOSO yet, but I have had incidents where guys were creepy, stalkerish, and inappropriate when I had no interest in them. Yes, I socialize with geeky men. Geeky men are generally cool people; they play Dungeons and Dragons with me and watch the same sci-fi shows as I do. I like them as friends – I don’t want to date any of these guys. Yet, they keep freakin’ trying to ask me out. (sigh) Maybe I shouldn’t be friends with them, so they’ll stop crushing on me and then getting all weird and sketchtastic. It is not that they are bad people; it is that they are silly. Guys, I know the odds are against you. Still, your chances with me aren’t quite as good as your chances with a nearby squirrel.

Signs a geeky girl probably does not want to date you:

10. She’s too busy playing WoW to hang out with you offline most of the time.

9. She goes to a different geeky college than you do and only sees you during weekend-long Live-Action Role Playing events.

8. She has rainbow-striped decorations on more or less everything and is an active member of a local LGBT organization.

7. She hasn’t slept much in the past week because of classwork, and has no time for humans this month.

6. She has a well-rehearsed “friendship speech” for guys who view her romantically when she doesn’t feel the same way.

5. She acts confused and nervous when you attempt to flirt with her, or is completely oblivious to it.

4. She broke up with someone else less than a week ago.

3. She’s already dating some other guy.

2. She runs your Dungeons and Dragons game, and knows that Dungeon Masters dating players is frowned-upon and weird.

1. She has a girlfriend.

I have true stories for all of these. Seriously, there is a rainbow button on my denim jacket *six inches from my face.

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