Response to “Frat Boys Convert”

in Response from Reader/# 9.1/Blog
from Mike Gigliotti ’10

Overall, I enjoyed your first issue this semester, but I was dismayed by some of the ignorant and uneducated views expressed in the article, “Frat Boys Convert.” I would like to help educate the author on two of her main points that she got wrong.

First off, I do not know too much about Phi Sigma Kappa. However, I do know that every fraternity on campus dedicates a good portion of their time to community service. Having a church to operate out of will give Phi Sigma Kappa an even better opportunity to give back to the community.

As uninformed as the author’s views on fraternities and community service were, it was the comments about the 15th Street fraternity houses “barely being able to maintain themselves” that angered me. As the president of Tau Epsilon Phi, one of those 15th Street houses, I can testify that we are definitely able to maintain our house. In fact, we come back to school a week early each year, just like every other fraternity, to not only maintain our house, but to improve it. Much like it is an author’s responsibility to do research before writing an editorial, each brother knows they have obligations to the fraternity, like taking care of the house.

I would invite the author to walk by our house to see for herself that it looks just as good as any of the other apartments or private homes on 15th Street. I would then invite her to take a tour of our house to see firsthand all the work that we have put in to both maintain and improve it. Then maybe she will have enough understanding of fraternities to write a well-thought and informed editorial.

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