S&W Selections Guidelines

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by Michael Chu, Selections Editor

Please send all submission via e-mail to sw@rpi.edu or chum4@rpi.edu. In the subject line, type “Selections:” followed by your name (e.g. Selections: Jim Tatalias). In the body, put your name, e-mail address, class year (if you are a student), and titles of the attached pieces.

Each submission should be attached in separate files. For written pieces (e.g. poems, prose), send them using Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format.

Statler & Waldorf archives submissions, so if a piece is not used in an upcoming issue (most likely due to space constraints), it may be printed later on. S&W will contact authors and notify when they will be printed prior to publication.

Because S&W is an RPI student-run publication, priority is given to submissions from the Rensselaer community (students, faculty, staff, alumni). However, we may consider work from outside sources (e.g. the Troy community).

The sender of the work must also be the author; do not submit work that is not yours.

All submissions are due the Monday before publication.

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